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A personal gesture

Kitchen scale with your own design

To be provided with Photo, Logo and Text

When you add your own image to the design, it will appear in grayscale. This is not exactly what it will ultimately look like, as the image still needs to be converted for engraving.

For each added image in the design we charge €17.50 extra for conversion purposes.
If you also want to design the back (if possible), we charge €7.50 extra for this.

Free shipping (NL)
Shipped within 1 to 2 business days
Create your own design with our handy design tool
Nice to give as a gift
Also very suitable as decoration


(incl. VAT and shipping costs)

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Praktisch en persoonlijk
Te voorzien van tekst, foto, logo en of tekening
Personalize your product

Very nice item in our webshop, this kitchen scale made of bamboo wood. This product can feature your completely custom design of your choice!
*The photo is a sample design, your design will be engraved into the wood.
Do you know someone who is incredibly fond of baking? Your mother or just your cousin? Adding your own design instantly makes it incredibly personal!

In our design tool, you will have designed your own personalized gift in no time.
You can choose to design entirely your own, or use our templates. In addition, you can upload a photo, drawing or logo into your design at an additional cost.
Should there be any questions, we will be happy to help.

Do you want to start working on your design? Press the “Customize” button below this text and then place the designed scale in your shopping cart!
We will then arrange for your design to be engraved into the kitchen scale!

Jort Breedveld
"Prijs kwaliteit perfect snel geleverd"
Soh-Yen Eng
"Dit werkt wel."
Stefanie Boonaerts
"Super leuk om te geven, en aan de reactie van de ontvanger te zien, ook erg leuk om te krijgen."
Lisanne Ooijevaar
"Komt mooi stevig over en de tekst en foto zijn er mooi diep ingebrand. Randen zijn netjes afgewerkt."
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