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A personal gesture
There is a choice of different woods for a cocktail board. Each with its own character. We, at NamensMij, mainly offer solid Oak and solid Beech wood. This is high quality wood, which has a stylish luxurious appearance. It is a bit more costly than mango, acacia or maple wood,...
Is silicone children’s tableware safe for children? A relatively new material for children’s tableware is silicone. Silicone is free of BPA. Because it is a softer material, it is ideal for small children with teething.Silicone materials as children’s tableware have been tested frequently and come out of these tests safe.The...
Always tricky, what do we give grandma as a gift? Understandable, what do you give to someone who already has everything and has no gift wishes? Whether it’s just to surprise, thank you for babysitting or in advance inspiration for the holidays. These 10 items are super original and personal.Perfect...
Serving plates
Looking for an original appetizer board? Or serving board, cutting board or cheese board. Whatever you want to call them. Then you’ve come to the right place. Super fun to give as a gift to someone else, or of course for yourself ;). To make it easy for you, we’ve...
You probably know someone who is a fan of Formula 1, but what do you give that person as a gift on their birthday, for example?Then of course it is nice to surprise that person with one of our original Formula 1 gifts. See below our selection of the most...
It can sometimes be quite a search to find original maternity gifts. Our own maternity time gave us inspiration for the cutest personalized maternity gifts and what a success they are! See below our top 5 unique maternity gifts of 2022.

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