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Hi Hi!

We are Steffie van der Wijst and Linda van der Wijst.
Two young entrepreneurs, sisters-in-law and oh yes, we both missed a good webshop for a personal gift. Mix our qualities, perseverance, inspiration and hoppa there it is, Namens Mij!! With Namens Mij we want to offer beautiful, suitable gifts in both good and difficult times.

If the father of your good friend has passed away, what do you give? Well, that’s exactly what we ran into too. A warm gesture package with a nice fleece blanket, candle and tea. Or a wine package for a toast to the beautiful memories of her father, in our opinion a nice personal gesture.

Is your colleague feeling less comfortable? If you need some support, send a nice “recharge” gesture.

We have also collected and designed various beautiful, warm gifts for those beautiful moments. Wedding, birth, pregnancy are all special moments where a personal gesture should not be missing. Feel free to look around our page! If you have any nice ideas or would like to ask something, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to think along with you and learn from your feedback!