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Different types of wood for a cocktail board

Different types of wood for a cocktail board

There is a choice of different woods for a cocktail board. Each with its own character.
We, at NamensMij, mainly offer solid Oak and solid Beech wood.
This is high quality wood, which has a stylish luxurious appearance.
It is a bit more costly than mango, acacia or maple wood, but you’ll notice that right away in the quality of the Oak and Beech wood we offer.

Are you going for quality, luxury and a stylish gift?
Then choose the drinks boards from In addition to being top quality, these are also handmade, making them all unique! You won’t find a gift in this class easily!

Solid Beech Wood

Beech wood has a calm appearance and is usually a bit lighter in color. This wood is ideal for engraving images.
Therefore, this type of wood is ideally recommended for having your photo engraved.
By now we have very extensive experience in engraving images on our boards, so we know how to turn almost any image into something beautiful. If this does not work out, we will always contact you and come to a good solution together.
We always strive for 100% customer satisfaction, so you can trust that we will come to a beautiful end result together.

Of course, in addition to engraving images, beech wood is also ideally suited for all other engravings. Such as texts, handwritten text, drawings, family crests, logos or just what your desire is.

Solid Oak

You choose Oak if you like a more rugged, robust look. Oak has a warm, luxurious appearance and is ideally darker and flamed in color. This makes it perfect for engraving text and or a logo, family crest, or, for example, a drawing of grandchildren.
Our narrow rectangular oak planks are made from 1 piece of Oak. Our 25cm diameter and 40cm diameter round boards consist of slats glued together at the factory, which makes the wood less likely to warp.

Oak is less suitable for engraving a photograph due to its darker color, flamed and or glued pieces. This is because there is a lot of color difference visible and therefore the image does not come out clearly.

We therefore do not recommend having a photo engraved on our Oak planks.

"Beech and Oak drinks boards are durable and you will enjoy them (if used correctly) for years. Beech and Oak are a hard wood species. So you can use these boards well as appetizers, drinks or tapas boards."

Tips for maintaining your cocktail board

The boards are ready to use immediately!
Each board is treated with a grape seed oil. This protects the board from moisture and dirt. So you can use the snack board right away. Also, grease the board itself regularly so you can enjoy your serving board longer.

We do not recommend using the board as a cutting board, this will not benefit the image. When using dye and or oily products we recommend placing a napkin underneath, this is because the dye does have the potential to soak into the wood. This does become less visible after a long time, but prevention is better.

Grape seed oil is a cold-pressed, 100% natural and vegetable oil, from grape seeds. Grape seed oil is Hypoallergenic and Vegan.

Grease your wooden drink board regularly with a vegetable oil. Then you extend the life of your board. For example, you can also use a grapeseed oil or a mineral oil for this purpose. These can be purchased at supermarkets, among other places. Do not use olive oil to oil your board. Olive oil will stick and eventually attract flies.

You can use a kitchen paper or dry sponge to apply the oil to the board. Then let the board dry thoroughly. If necessary, you can repeat this operation again.

How do I clean my drink board?

After use as a snack or serving board, clean the wooden board with a dry cloth or, if necessary, with water, by hand.

Never put a wooden board in the dishwasher, it will warp or crack. Preferably let dry upright after using water.

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