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All about silicone children’s tableware

All about silicone children’s tableware

Is silicone children's tableware safe for children?

A relatively new material for children’s tableware is silicone. Silicone is free of BPA. Because it is a softer material, it is ideal for small children with teething.
Silicone materials as children’s tableware have been tested frequently and come out of these tests safe.
The Belgian organization Test Aankoop conducted a study of silicone baking molds in 2014. According to them, the only possible danger would arise from heating silicone products. Therefore, the advice is not to heat your silicone products higher than 200°C. As long as you don’t do that, 100% silicones are completely safe to eat out of.

In addition, silicone is a non-porous material so bacteria have little chance. Also, the material will not discolor easily.

Suitable for dishwasher, freezer, microwave and oven:

Suitable for temperatures from -40 °C to 200 °C. So can safely go in the dishwasher, microwave and oven.

Engraving name or text by NamensMij

At we offer the service of providing these beautiful silicone children’s dinner sets with your own Name and or Text.
We engrave this into the silicone material. This is so that the engraving remains clearly visible despite frequent use. This engraving is done using a laser engraving machine, which leaves a white haze on the material after engraving. We clean this thoroughly before shipping it, however, the white haze may still come back a bit. We therefore recommend, after receiving your silicone children’s tableware, to clean it in the dishwasher before use.

Silicone as a durable material

These silicone dinnerware sets are certainly durable. Beyond the fact that they last for years, they are also made from non-fossil fuels. In addition, this material is unbreakable, so it can be used endlessly.

Tips for using this silicone children's dinnerware safely

Do not bring this tableware in contact with fire.
Avoid scratching, do not use sharp objects.
Do not use above 200 degrees.

So what are the advantages of a plate and or bowl with suction cup?

As all moms and dads know, young children quite often like to throw their plates or bowls.
To prevent this, we offer children’s dinnerware with a suction cup under both the plate and bowl. The suction cup adheres securely to a smooth table or eating tray, preventing your child from simply throwing his/her plate off the table. That saves all the moms and dads a whole lot of tidying up, FINE!

Moreover, crockery with a suction cup is the best crockery for teaching children to eat independently. The tableware remains stable and allows little ones to explore without having their plates tossed around. Our silicone plates and or bowls are very sturdy, making them ideal for learning to eat independently.

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